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 NvM- Rules and Requirements

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PostSubject: NvM- Rules   Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:24 pm

NvM- Clan Rules

-Not using 3rd Party Applications Such as Garena Hacks like EXP Hacks and Maphack or any programs that not allowed by Garena.
-Not a Trashtalker
-Be Proud to be NvM- Member
-Loyal to us
-Respect Fellow Members
-Be Friendly
-Be Active

NvM- Requirements

-Follow the Rules!. If you cant, then find another clan =]
-PLDT/Smartbro Users only.
-Gold Member.
-Active in Forums.
-Have a Good Conduct. (GMRC is a MUST)


-Why PLDT?
>Obvious answer, to have a stable connection with us.
-Im not a gold member, but magpapagold member ako but later =].
>We dont need "Segurista" here, if di ka goldmember, then mag pa-gold member na! if not, simply click here!
-Active in forums? Para san???
>Para hindi maging inactive ang Clan Forums Naten. As simple as that :]
-Have a Good Conduct.
>GMRC is a MUST. We dont need squatters here.

If you meet all the necessary Requirements, then Click
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NvM- Rules and Requirements
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